Outdoor Adventure Club

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  • Category: Special Interest
  • Description: The purpose of the Outdoor Adventure club is to offer a unique outdoor experience to University of Dayton Students, to educate students about different outdoor activities, to promote a love of the outdoors and the environment, to offer a relaxed and memorable experience, and to inspire a passion for an outdoor lifestyle and land stewardship.
  • Website: outdooradventureclub91491
  • Keywords:
    • Outdoor
    • adventure
    • recreation
    • sports
    • camping
    • hiking
    • biking
    • backpacking
    • canoe
    • kayak
    • paddle
    • explore
    • eagle
    • scout
    • knot tying
    • lost
    • first aid
    • safety
    • fishing
    • skiing
    • slack
    • line
    • hammock
    • environmental service

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